How to earn VC quickly in NBA 2K21

A guide to earn VC quickly in 2K21.

For those who might be new to the NBA 2K franchise, a large component of the game revolves around Virtual Currency, or VC, for short. VC can be used to either buy packs in MyTeam, as well as allow you to upgrade your MyCareer/The Neighborhood character in NBA 2K21. That’s extremely important, especially if you plan on dominating at 2K Beach. So how do you earn VC quickly in NBA 2K21? Let’s go over some quick tips.

Playing MyCareer

The best way to earn VC quickly in NBA 2K21 is through playing MyCareer. Every game on MyCareer, you earn VC coins through achievements, such as making shots, getting assists, or picking up rebounds. The more shots, assists, and rebounds you collect, the more VC you will make in a single game. Also, once your MyCareer character makes it to the NBA, you will receive a set VC salary after every game. Also, keep in mind that the higher the difficulty, the more VC your player will earn.

Not only will you earn a good amount of coins per game by being an NBA pro, but the higher the difficulty, the higher the multiplier and thus, the more coins you will receive.

Endorsement Deals

After your MyPlayer character picks up enough experience and fans in MyCareer, endorsement deals will begin to appear. Signing an endorsement will also earn you more VC, meaning that you should have plenty of currency to upgrade your character.

Simulating Games in MyLeague

There are also some other ways you can earn VC in NBA 2K21. One way is by simulating games in MyLeague. When attempting to simulate a game, click A/X on that date, and make sure you select Simulate with Simcast Live. Here, you will watch the simulation of the game and the movements of the players on the court, and if you want to speed up the sim, just move up the Simulate Speed up by moving the right stick to the right. Every game should net you about 150 VC per game, which is not bad for easy money.

MyNBA2K21 mobile app

Lastly, you can also earn some easy VC through the MyNBA2K21 mobile app. The app, which can be downloaded from either the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store, can net you some free VC just by logging into the app every day.

Of course, you could always buy NBA 2K21 VC with real money. However, if you are someone who doesn’t like microtransactions and is all about the grind, these methods that we listed above are probably best for you.