How to edit people in BitLife

Change everyone around you to fit your playstyle.

Image via Candywriter

Not everyone will mesh well with your character in BitLife. You may do something to where your parents don’t appreciate you, your significant other may not agree with your actions, or your supervisor doesn’t like you despite how much hard work you’ve done. Luckily, you have the option to modify people in the game, but you need to meet certain requirements for this to option.

If you want to edit people in the game, you need to have access to God Mode in BitLife. With it, you can easily modify a person’s characteristics, their stats, and their attitude. You’ll be able to see hidden stats not typically accessed in the game, among other details, such as sexuality, willpower, craziness, health, and much more.

However, the one problem with accessing God Mode is you will need to pay for it. Right now, God Mode is available for iPhone users. Android users can purchase the BitCitizen option, which removes advertisements from the game and gives them access to exclusive in-game activities, such as buying exotic animals or being able to complement and interact with teachers or your job’s supervisor.

You can purchase God Mode for $2.99 from the iOS store. Developer Candywriter has not shared if they plan to bring the feature to Android users, and if so, when.