How to enable flying in Minecraft 1.19

Spread your wings.

Image via Mojang

Minecraft is a game about having the freedom to do what you want in its sandbox world made of blocks. You can go wherever you want when you want, provided you have the means to get there. That, walking everywhere, particularly up mountains using steps, is incredibly slow. To speed things up, here is how to enable flying in your game of Minecraft.

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How to set up flying in Minecraft

Allowing free flying at any moment in a basic version of Minecraft in Java or Bedrock Edition can only be done when the game is in Creative Mode. Luckily, you can set the game into this mode at any time. Upon world creation, you can just set it to Creative Mode, or you can switch it over in the settings while playing. Additionally, you can type /gamemode creative in the chat to use the command to switch the game mode instantly.

Outside of Creative, the only way to fly in Minecraft naturally is with an Elytra. When you have this equipped, you can jump off high ledges and glide. If you have a firework in your hand, you can light it off behind you to propel yourself forward and into the air. There is no command to allow flying while in Survival Mode.

If you are playing on a Minecraft server hosted by a different service, you can enable flying if you are the server owner and go into the Config Files and find Server Settings. You will have to find the entry for flying. Unfortunately, this can look different depending on the host service. Any changes you make to a server will result in the server needing a refresh to put the changes into effect.