How to Evolve Duraludon Into Archaludon in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet The Indigo Disk

Duraludon evolves into Archaludon in The Indigo Disk, and this guide shows you how to get it, which requires an evolution item.

How to evolve Duraludon into archaludon in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet The Indigo Disk

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To shake things up, Pokémon Scarlet & Violet‘s The Indigo Disk introduces several unique items and new Pokémon for you to catch during your time in a new region. One is Duraludon, and you can now evolve it into Archaludon, but there’s a unique way to do it.

The way you go about evolving Duraludon into Archaludon involves a bit of work, but it’s not too difficult after you find out the method. Evolving Duraludon does involve you locating a specific item that might take you some time to locate while you’re playing The Indigo Disk’s story. Here’s what you need to know about how to evolve Duraludon into Archaludon in Pokémon Scarlet & Violet The Indigo Disk.

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How Duraludon Evolves Into Archaludon in The Indigo Disk

Duraludon after evolving into Archaludon in The Indigo Disk
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To evolve Duraludon, you will need to collect a Metal Alloy, catch Duraludon, and then have it use this evolution item in The Indigo Disk. After you use the Metal Alloy on Duraludon, it will immediately evolve into an Archaludon, and you can add this Pokémon to your growing Pokedex in Pokémon Scarlet & Violet.

The real trick to evolving Duraludon is tracking down the Metal Alloy. It’s a new evolution item that you will need to come across. You can pick one up off the ground on the upper levels of the Polar Biome’s Chargestone Cavern, but you can also purchase one for quick access.

If you want to buy a Metal Alloy, head to the Blueberry Academy School Store and make your way over to the vendor. They are selling Metal Alloy for 300 BP (Blueberry Points). You can earn BP by completing quests during Pokémon Scarlet & Violet‘s The Indigo Disk and working through the story. The more quests you complete, the more BP you’re going to earn, and acquiring 300 will take a bit of time.

Thankfully, the process to evolve Duraludon does not involve you having to trade with another player, giving Duraludon the Metal Alloy at a specific time of day, or even having it hold and then leveling it up. You only have to grab it from your bag, offer it to the Pokémon, and Duraludon immediately evolves into Archaludon. And there are no level restrictions, meaning you can use the Metal Alloy at any time. It’s a welcome method of evolution, especially because you don’t have to do too much on your side.

Where to Find and Catch Duraludon in The Indigo Disk

For anyone trying to track down a Duraludon in The Indigo Disk, make your way over to the snowy Polar Biome region, and it should be wandering around most places here. Duraludon isn’t too hard to find; they pop up pretty commonly among the southern snowy cliffs, and you can even find some walking around in the Chargestone Cavern. If you’re lucky, you may even find a Duraludon in 5- and 6-Star Tera Raids.

You can also bring over and evolve a Duraludon you may have caught from another game via Pokémon HOME rather than the one you find in Pokémon Scarlet & Violet The Indigo Disk. But if you want multiple Archaludon, you do need to return to the Blueberry Academy School Store to purchase more Metal Alloys.