Pokemon Indigo Disk DLC Shiny Hunting Method Explained: All Types Sparkling Power Sandwich

There is a new Shiny hunting method in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet thanks to the Indigo Disk DLC’s Blueberry Point system!

no more sandwiches pokemon
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Pokemon Scarlet & Violet’s final wave of DLC, The Indigo Disk, not only introduces new Shiny forms but also an incredible new Shiny hunting method! Gone are the days of making sandwiches, as the Academy Special makes it easier than ever to activate Shining Power.

Scarlet & Violet players expected to see a new Shiny hunting method in the Indigo Disk DLC, as was the case for the Crown Tundra in Sword & Shield. However, they didn’t know what form it would take. More raiding? Maybe a new in-game mechanic? It’s actually much simpler than that, as you only need to complete a handful of Blueberry Quests and buy a pre-made sandwich.

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All Type Sparkling Sandwich Explained

pokemon indigo disk screenshot of a sparkling power all types sandwich in the blueberry academy cafeteria menu.

In order to start the All-Type Shiny Hunting method in The Indigo Disk, players will need to head to the Cafeteria in Blueberry Academy and talk to the chef. She will offer you a menu with four food items that you can buy with Blueberry Points or BP. You want to buy the Academy Special for 150 BP.

The Academy Special will grant players Catching Power 2 for all types, Egg Power 1, and Sparkling Power level 1 for all types. It may not be the Sparkling Power level 3 from handcrafted sandwiches, but it bypasses the grind of obtaining the two required Herba Mystica.

What Are the Shiny Odds of a Sparkling Power 1 Sandwich?

With Level 1 Sparkling Power active, your odds of finding a Shiny Pokemon while Shiny hunting are doubled to 1/2048. With the Shiny Charm, you add another roll, making your odds 1/1365.

While it may not be the 1/683 odds of a Sparkling Power Level 3 and Shiny Charm combo, the Academy Special doesn’t limit you to one type of Pokemon. You can freely roam all of Paldea, Kitikami, and Blueberry Academy, and every encounter will have much higher Shiny odds than normal, making this a good option if you want to passively Shiny hunt.

How to Get a Sparkling Power Level 3 Sandwich

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Indigo Disk screenshot of a Sparkling Power Level 3 Sandwich.
Screenshot by Gamepur

Of course, if you want the best odds of success while Shiny hunting specific Pokemon, you can still craft yourself a Sparkling Power Level 3 sandwich, bringing your Shiny odds up to at least 1/1024, or 1/683 if you have the Shiny Charm. Here’s what you’ll need to get the best Shiny hunting sandwiches:

  • One of each of the following ingredients:
    • Tomato
    • Onion
    • Green Pepper
    • Hamburger
  • Two of any Herba Mysticas (obtainable as rewards from 5- and 6-Star Tera Raids)
  • Two pieces of one of the following ingredients for whichever Pokemon type you’re hunting for:
Pokemon TypeIngredient
FireRed Pepper
ElectricYellow Pepper
IceKlawf Stick
PoisonGreen Bell Pepper
BugCherry Tomato
GhostRed Onion
DarkSmoked Fillet

The above recipe was discovered by Twitter user SilentDestroySR and will also provide Title Power Level 3 and Encounter Power Level 3 in addition to Sparkling Power Level 3. You’ll want to make sure that no ingredient is falling off the sandwich while you make it or the effects may alter. There are also more recipe combinations out there for Shiny hunting with fewer ingredients, but many of them require specific Herba Mystica combinations.

All Shiny-Locked Pokemon in The Indigo Disk

Of course, not all Shiny Pokemon will be available while you’re out there Shiny hunting in The Indigo Disk. The following Pokemon are Shiny locked, meaning you won’t be able to obtain their alternate Shiny forms:

  • Terapagos
  • Raging Bolt
  • Gouging Fire
  • Iron Crown
  • Iron Boulder
  • Pecharunt
  • Returning legendaries
  • Static-encounter Tera Pokemon

As you may have noticed, almost all new Pokemon introduced in The Indigo Disk are Shiny locked. Fortunately, you can still Shiny hunt for Indigo Disk’s two new non-legendary Pokemon, Hydrapple and Archaludon. So get out there and start Shiny hunting, trainers!