How to Evolve Electivire & Magmortar in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet The Indigo Disk

Grab a friend, a solid internet connection, and a couple items to evolve Electivire and Magmortar in Pokemon Indigo Disk DLC.

Pokemon Indigo Disk Evolve Electivire and Magmortar

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Pokemon Scarlet & Violet have reintroduced some of the more tricky evolutions with the Blueberry Pokedex – sending players on the long and difficult task of finding items and completing trades. This includes Electivire and Magmortar.

Both Electivire and Magmortar are the final evolutions for the Magby and Elekid lines and both require the same process. Thankfully, the items needed for both of these evos can be purchased using BP, and then success is just a trade away.

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Where to Find Electabuzz in Pokemon Indigo Disk

Pokemon Indigo Disk Electabuzz
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Electabuzz can be found in the Craggy Canyon Biome. There are plenty of them walking about deep in the caves and they are all over the place. They can also be located in the Snowy Polar Biome near the border of the Craggy Canyon Biome and players might be able to find a small bit of them in the Subtropical Savanna Biome.

Where to Find Magmar in Pokemon Indigo Disk

Pokemon Indigo Disk Magmar
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Magmar is a little harder to find because there aren’t as many wandering about. They are located mainly in the Subtropical Savanna Biome but can also be found in the Tropical Coastal Biome. They generally spawn near the Savanna Plaza or near the border between the Subtropical Savanna and Tropical Coastal Briomes. Players should keep a keen eye out for them or they could miss that lone Magmar between the rocks or other Pokémon.

How to Evolve Electivire in Pokemon Indigo Disk

Pokemon Indigo Disk Electivire
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Electivire’s evolution needs Electabuzz to hold an Electirizer while being traded to trigger the evolution. To get an Electirizer, players can buy one for 250 BP at the School Store in Blueberry Academy. Make sure to keep doing those BBQs to have plenty of BP to get any of the helpful items that can be found at the School Store.

Once they have the Electirizer, players need to give it to Electabuzz to hold through by going into the bag from the Main Menu. Once Electabuzz is holding the item, players need to trade it through the Link Trade with another player. Electabuzz will evolve into Electivire once it has been successfully traded. If players want Electivire, make sure to trade it to a friend who will trade it back.

How to Evolve Mamortar in Pokemon Indigo Disk

Pokemon Indigo Disk Magmortar
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Players will need to equip the Magmarizer item to Magmar and then trade it with another player, the same way Electabuzz was evolved into Electivire, to evolve Magmar into Magmortar. The Magmarizer is located at the School Store and can be acquired with 250 BP. Repeat the same process as Electivire and players will have their Magmortar in no time.