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How to evolve Peachone in Vampire Survivors

Get the Peachone weapon & upgrade it for powerful bombardment damage.
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The Peachone is a powerful bombardment weapon that allows you to clear the battlefield of enemies when you are able to obtain it for the first time. It isn’t one of your default weapons, but once you unlock it, it will be a weapon that you will constantly hope to obtain.

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How to obtain the Peachone

The Peachone must be unlocked by staying alive for at least 10 minutes on any map. This can be hard if you are just starting and will take a few tries first. Once you get a good grasp of the weapons that fit your playstyle and the basics behind dodging enemies, you will be able to make it to the 10-minute mark.

If you are having trouble making it to the 10-minute mark, you can get some tips and strategies for surviving as long as possible.

Once you have unlocked the Peachone weapon, you will need to obtain it during a level-up. You must also upgrade the Peachone until it is Level 8, per the weapon evolution requirements.

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Evolving the Peachone

The Peachone will be evolved just like the other weapons, and you must meet the following requirements:

  • Ten minutes must have expired within the map.
  • The core weapon must be level 8.
  • A matching accessory must be held unless seeking the Union.
  • A chest must be opened after the three prior criteria have been met.

The Peachone requires the Ebony Wings as its matching accessory, which is unlocked when you level your Peachone weapon to Level 7. These are not the same as the regular pair of Wings that increase movement speed. The Ebony Wings will also need to be Level 8 in order to meet the requirements for the evolution.

When the Peachone reaches Level 8, and the rest of the requirements have been met, the weapon will evolve into the Vandalier. The Vandalier will deal massive AoE damage that is focused around the character, similar to how the Peachone was dealing damage in a circle.

The Peachone is one of eight weapons that can be evolved, and you can get more information on the weapon evolutions here. Do your best to work your way toward those weapon evolutions, as they will be the key to surviving past the 30-minute mark.

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