How to evolve Spewpa into Vivillon in Pokémon Go

What Vivillon will you get when Spewpa evolves?

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The Scatterbug family has made its way over to Pokémon Go, giving you the opportunity to add Vivillon to your growing collection of Pokémon Go. Over 18 unique versions of Vivillon are in the game, and you can collect them all regardless of your location, so long as you’re pinning the correct postcards to your Postcard Book. You will need to evolve Scatterbug’s second form, Spewpa, into Vivillon before marking it off in your Pokédex. Here’s what you need to know about how to evolve Spewpa into Vivillon in Pokémon Go.

Evolving Spewpa into Vivillon in Pokémon Go

It all comes down to having enough Scatterbug candy in your collection. You will need to encounter Scatterbug by collecting enough postcards from a specific region that you receive from gifts. There’s also the option of catching this Pokémon and using a Pinap Berry, increasing the amount of Candy you receive whenever you catch a Pokémon. However, if you fail the capture Scatterbug after giving it a Pinap berry, you will need to provide it with another berry to receive the bonus.

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When you’ve collected at least 100 Scatterbug Candy, the option to evolve Spewpa into Vivillon will appear. Every time you attempt to evolve this Pokémon, it will cost 100 candies. The type of pattern Vivillon has on its wings when it evolves is based on the Scatterbug you caught from the region and collected enough postcards to catch it. This is dictated by the type of postcards pinned to your Postcard Book. Every region has a postcard requirement that you need to meet for a Scatterbug encounter to appear.

There are 18 types of Vivillon patterns for you to find in Pokémon Go, which means you need to collect postcards from various regions to encounter the Scatterbug from that area.