How to exit Shadowform within striking distance of an enemy in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 8

Jump scares.

Screenshot by Gamepur

The Strike From The Shadows punchcard is active in Fortnite, which means new challenges for players to complete. One of them is to exit Shadowform with striking distance of an enemy.

The easiest way to complete this challenge is to make your way to a corrupted area near a UFO crash site. If you do, you will find Shadow Stones on the ground that you can use to become a ghost-like creature. After that, track down a player and then exist your shadow form when you’re close to them.

By striking distance, the game simply means up close, so get as close to the enemy as you can before you pop out of your ghost form at them. You don’t even need to do any damage to them, or eliminate them, you just need to appear beside them.

If you get lucky, for the later versions of the challenge, you might run into a group of friendly players that are all helping each other finish up the challenge by just hanging around and letting other folks jump out at them.