How To Farm Acceltra Prime Relics In Warframe (2024 Farming Tips)

Now it’s in the game, Acceltra Prime is a must-have for every Warframe player, but getting the Relics required is a real mission.

how to get acceltra prime relics in warframe

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Acceltra Prime has finally been added to Warframe with Hotfix 35.0.9. It’s joined the game alongside the Gauss Prime Warframe and is available to purchase for a limited time. However, those who don’t want to pay real world cash for it can acquire it by farming Acceltra Prime Relics.

Warframe’s Prime variants are some of the best-looking and most powerful items players can get in the game. We think every Prime Warframe looks stunning, and the weapons that come with them are even more beautiful. Alongside Gauss Prime, players will need to farm Acceltra Prime Relics if they want to get this incredible weapon for free, and there are only a few specific ways to do so.

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All Acceltra Prime Relics Players Must Farm in Warframe

acceltra prime in prime access warframe
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All the Acceltra Prime Relics players need to farm in order to acquire the weapon are listed below. Players will need all of them before they can even contemplate crafting the weapon and adding it to their arsenal for use in-game.

  • Barrel: Meso A5 Rare
  • Blueprint: Lith C11 Common
  • Receiver: Neo F3 Uncommon
  • Stock: Axi A18 Rare

Note that to craft Acceltra Prime, players will need 15,000 Credits, One Acceltra Prime Barrel, one Acceltra Prime Receiver, and one Acceltra Prime Stock. The weapon takes 12 hours to craft in total.

How to Farm Acceltra Prime Relics in Warframe

gauss prime using acceltra prime in warframe
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The best way to farm Acceltra Prime Relics in Warframe is to grind out missions in the Void, specifically Ukko, Oxomoco, Teshub, Hepit and Mot. Each mission has a decent change of landing players with one of the four Prime Relics they need for Acceltra.

By running Mot, players will be able to farm the Axi Relic, while Oxomoco and Ukko are fantastic for farming Meso and Neo Relics. Finally, Teshub and Hepit are the missions to grind if they need to get Lith Relic drops.

Every grinding session for Acceltrea Prime Relics can benefit from Resource Boosters. These can be purchased using Platinum and will give players more Relics for their time. If players really want to make the most of the time they’re spending grinding these missions, a Resource Booser is essential.

What is Acceltra Prime in Warframe?

space shooting with acceltra prime in warframe
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Acceltra is known to be one of the most powerful weapons in Warframe, and Acceltra Prime is only more powerful. It’s the Prime version of the Gauss Warframe’s automatic micro-missile launcher that, as players should expect, completely destroys enemies.

We’re not sure if it’s the massive damage output, impeccable range, or just the idea of this weapon that makes it so devastating. We’ve broken down all the stats below so every player can check out just how good it is for themselves.

Acceltra Prime Weapon Stats

  • General
    • Accuracy: 23.5
    • Trigger: AUTO
    • Ammo Maximum: 96
    • Magazine: 48
    • Ammo Pickup: 40
    • Noise Level: ALARMING
    • Reload: 1.6
    • Fire Rate: 10
  • Radial
    • Range: 5
    • Slash: 10.6
    • Puncture: 42.4
    • Falloff: 50%
    • Total: 53
  • Damage
    • Critical Multiplier: 3x
    • Critical Chance: 34%
    • Status: 18%
    • Total: 44
    • Impact: 44

Why Do You Need Acceltra Prime in Warframe?

The reason most players want Acceltra Prime is because, at the time of writing, it’s brand new in Warframe. Acceltra was already ranked as an Tier weapon by fans on Overprime, so it’s hard to see the Prime version being any worse. If anything, this will likely push up the community’s opinion of the weapon overall.