How to get Electric Flavor in Destiny 2 The Dawning 2022

Everyone deserves an electrifying holiday season.

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The ingredients you find during The Dawning holiday event in Destiny 2 make up the core of your delicious baked goods. A shocking ingredient you’ll need to find is Electric Flavor, and you’ll need it if you want to complete the Strange Cookies for Xûr or Etheric Coldsnaps for Variks. In this guide, we’re going to cover the best way to get Electric Flavor in Destiny 2, so you can earn your holiday rewards.

Where to find Electric Flavor in Destiny 2’s The Dawning 2022

You can only obtain the Electric Flavor ingredient by defeating enemies using your Arc Subclass on your Guardian to use those abilities or by using an Arc weapon to take them out. Both are reasonable methods to farm this weapon, so you’ll want to ensure you have one of those ready when you encounter the enemy.

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Next, we highly recommend participating in a Public Event or finding a Lost Sector you know reasonably well on any available planets to complete and reset. Of the two choices, the Lost Sector rotation might be easier, given how quickly you can reset it and start it over after completing it. On the other hand, the Public Events might have too many other Guardians to give you a good supply of Electric Flavor.

When you have enough Electric Flavor in your inventory, you’re ready to return to your Holiday Oven to bake Strange Cookies and Etheric Coldsnaps. These are all of the ingredients you need to complete those recipes.

Strange Cookies

  • 1 Taken Butter
  • 1 Electric Flavor
  • 15 Essence of Dawning

You’ll need to deliver the Strange Cookies to Xûr. You can find him at the Edge of Eternity or when he appears in the solar system on Friday.

Etheric Coldsnaps

  • 1 Chitin Powder
  • 1 Electric Flavor
  • 15 Essence of Dawning

You need to deliver the Etheric Coldsnaps to Variks. You can find them on Europa.