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How to farm Element quickly in Ark: Survival Evolved

For all your Element needs.

In Ark: Survival Evolved, the quicker you progress in the game, the easier it becomes to master. The game’s top tier is known as Tek Tier and is achieved through battling and defeating various Bosses. However, Tek Tier is highly reliant on a very important resource called Element. Element is the lifeblood of any Tribe looking to improve their overall efficacy in farming, object creation, and general Ark life. This guide will detail how to farm Element quickly in Ark: Survival Evolved.

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Farming Element on Genesis Part 2 in Ark: Survival Evolved

Element spawns as a biome randomly in the asteroid space on the Genesis Part 2 map. With bright blue crystals that players can farm in various ways, players can use the Element Asteroids to quickly and easily farm Element.

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The best tool to farm Element with is a Mining Drill. It can farm high amounts of Element Shards and Element quickly. You can also use a high damage percentage Pick or your Federation Tek Suit to punch the crystals to gather Element.

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The best possible tame that you can use to farm huge quantities of Element and Element Shards is a Tek Stryder with a Mining Rig attachment on its head. This Mining Attachment will harvest many Element nodes in the area if you hold alternate fire. The downside to this method is that you will have to walk the Tek Stryder to the Asteroid area. This involves walking all the way around to the broken land bridge and then floating your Tek Stryder up through space to the area you’re looking to farm.

Farming Element through Boss Fights

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You can battle the Boss fights for Element. This isn’t a very effective method for farming Element as you’ll have to constantly gather the Tributes and the Artifacts. However, if you have well-bred-out tames, the battles themselves will be simple and over quickly.

Completing Element Veins on Extinction

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Element Veins are easy to identify thanks to their giant purple spikes that stick out of the ground. To complete an Element Vein, you will have to defend against waves of enemies. If they damage the Vein too much, you’ll lose the Element. Once you’ve completed the Vein, you’ll have to harvest it to obtain the Element.

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