How to farm Entrati Lanthorn in Warframe

It’s rare, but not impossible to get.

Image via Digital Extremes

There’s a rare and very useful resource that you can get in Warframe called Entrati Lanthorn. Most of the time, you will want to look for it on Zariman and Zariman Ten Zero. With how few of them drop and no option to buy and sell them on the market, it’s a good idea to stock up on the ones you get, but also to plan ahead, because you’ll inevitably have to farm for them. Here’s how to get those elusive Entrati Lanthorns in Warframe.

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Where to get Entrati Lanthorn in Warframe

Fortunately, there are a few ways to get Entrati Lanthorn. Most of them have a low drop chance and small amounts of it, but a variety of sources is a good thing.


Entrati Lanthorn can be awarded as part of Bounties. Specifically:

  • Tier 1 Bounty – 4% chance to get 1 Entrati Lanthorn.
  • Tier 2 Bounty – 2.5% chance to get 3 Entrati Lanthorn.
  • Tier 3 Bounty – 7.4% chance to get 3 Entrati Lanthorn.


Entrati Lanthorn is best farmed during missions on Zariman Ten Zero, especially because enemies there can be farmed easily if you have decent gear. That gives you plenty of opportunities for Entrati Lanthorn to drop.

  • Exterminate mission, Halako Perimeter – A Rotation, 10% to drop 1 Entrati Lanthorn.
  • Mobile Defense mission, The Greenway – A Rotation, 10% to drop 1 Entrati Lanthorn.
  • Void Armageddon mission, Oro Works – B Rotation, 6.67% to drop 1 Entrati Lanthorn.
  • Void Cascade mission, Tuvalu Commons – B Rotation, 6.67% to drop 1 Entrati Lanthorn.
  • Void Flood mission, Everview Arc – B Rotation, 6.67% to drop 1 Entrati Lanthorn.

Region Resource

Entrati Lanthorn counts as a region resource for Zariman Ten Zero, which means that all ways to obtain them can yield it too. These methods are not a consistent way to get Entrati Lanthorn, but can still bring you a few drops from time to time:

  • Random rare drop from Zariman Storage Containers.
  • Random award from Smeeta Kavat pet with Charm ability on Zariman missions.
  • Randomly extracted by an Extractor deployed in the Zariman system.
  • Rare random drop from Sentinels with Spare Parts ability.
  • Very rare random drop from all enemies killed on Zariman.

It is a good idea to use Warframes that can reroll drops through their abilities. Some Warframes this applies to are Nekros (with Desecrate), Khora (with Pilfering Strangledome), and Hybroid (with Pilfering Swarm).

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What is Entrati Lanthorn used for in Warframe

While some Entrati Lanthorns may be requested as payment by Archimedean Yonta for Voidplume offerings, their main use is found in crafting blueprints. These include weapons, Guardian level rank-ups, chassis components, and more. To craft everything that requires Entrati Lanthorn, you’ll need to get a total of 118 of them. This includes:

  • Holdfast Syndicate rank-up 3 (Guardian), 10 Entrati Lanthorn
  • Holdfast Syndicate rank-up 5 (Angel), 20 Entrati Lanthorn
  • Gyre Chassis, 12 Entrati Lanthorn
  • Styanax Chassis, 5 Entrati Lanthorn
  • Receiver for Aeolak gun, 5 Entrati Lanthorn
  • Handle for Hespar scythe, 5 Entrati Lanthorn
  • Alternox primary gun, 16 Entrati Lanthorn
  • Phenmor primary gun, 15 Entrati Lanthorn
  • Innodem dagger, 15 Entrati Lanthorn
  • Avionics for Parallax landing craft, 8 Entrati Lanthorn
  • Helminth Archon Shard Segment, 2 Entrati Lanthorn
  • Raptwing Ephemera, 5 Entrati Lanthorn
  • Seraphayre Ephemera, 5 Entrati Lanthorn