How does Residual Arcane work in Warframe?

A cure for the common infestation.

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Residual Arcane is a unique Arcane Enhancement that can be found in Deimos. Arcanes are a robust set of equipment that can enhance Warframes, guns, and melee weapons with strong perks and various traits. These augments are usually hard to find, and to use them on a piece of gear requires some significant leg work. This guide will explain how Residual Arcane works in Warframe.

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What Residual Arcane does in Warframe

Residual Arcane was initially introduced in the Deimos Arcana update. This update added a new set of Arcanes that are exclusive to the Deimos region and can be found in the hub called the Necralisk. To access this hub, you must complete the Heart of Deimos questline. Once you have completed this questline, you must speak to Mother and repeatedly farm Isolation Vault bounties to earn one of these powerful mods.

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These complex missions can offer one of four unique Residual Arcanes. These are the four Arcanes and what they do. Each listed ability has a 20% chance to activate on each Kitgun kill at max rank.

  • Residual Boils: A chance to spawn volatile hives for 12s that explode when enemies approach for 80 Heat Damage in 10m. Standing in the area applies Heat Damage type to Theorem Arcanes.
  • Residual Malodor: A chance to create a frigid mist for 12s, dealing 40 Cold Damage/s. Standing in the area applies the Cold Damage to Theorem Arcanes.
  • Residual Shock: A chance to spawn an electrified spike for 12s, dealing 200 Electricity Damage to enemies within 10m. Standing in the area applies Electricity Damage to Theorem Arcanes.
  • Residual Viremia: A chance to create a pool of toxic blood for 12s, dealing 40 Toxin Damage/s. Standing in the area applies the Toxin Damage to Theorem Arcanes.

These Arcanes are relatively niche but worth farming for if you have a Kitgun you’re fond of using. It is possible to use many of these Arcanes and stack them with other elemental mods to devastate the infected with many status debuffs.