How to get Rania and Belric Crystal Fragments in Warframe

These resources go hand in hand.

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Rania and Belric Crystal Fragments are a pair of resources linked together that players can earn in Warframe. Like the lovers they’re named after in Warframe, these resources are bonded together, and both are needed in equal measure if you want to purchase Citrine and an assortment of new weapons, components, and Mods.

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How to farm Rania and Belric Crystal Fragments in Warframe

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These twin resources only drop in one location and mission type. Rania and Belric Crystal Fragments will only drop in the Mirror Defense mission, which can be found on the Mars node, Tyana Pass. These resources can’t be earned anywhere else in the game, nor can they be purchased with Platinum or traded with other players. These resources can be used to buy Citrine and gear from Otak.

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This mission requires a mix of offense and defense, so we recommend characters such as Citrine, Nova, and Limbo. The key to earning this resource is located in the upper left side of the HUD during the battle. You will see a ticker for an item called Citrine’s Remnants. Whenever you collect 50 Citrine’s Remnants, you earn a handful of Ranias or Belric’s Crystal Fragments. While you’re defending the objective, listen for a loud chime.

When a chime occurs, you will find clusters of Citrine’s Remnants hidden in the level. Reference the image below to see what they look like. These resources are strewn around the environment, but chasing them down can cause you to fail the mission. Make sure to fortify the defense points, so you can track these items down without sacrificing the mission.

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We suggest playing in a group to make farming these items more manageable. In a group, all Citrine’s Remnants are shared by the group, which makes collecting 50 a much simpler process. Task one or two players with guarding the objective while the other players run out and secure these gems for the group.