How To Farm Gauss In Warframe

The fastest Warframe won’t come easy. Here’s how to farm Gauss in Warframe either with friends or solo.

Farm Gauss Warframe

Screenshot by Gamepur

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Nothing will scratch your itch for speed like Gauss in Warframe. While getting this Warframe’s blueprint is one thing, if you’re into farming all the materials to craft it, that’s a whole different story. 

Warframe is, in essence, a grindy game. Getting the required blueprints and materials to craft a new frame usually takes a lot of work, but with farming methods, getting them can go by much more smoothly. In my run, I rounded up all the necessary Gauss materials in just over an hour, but then it took over a day for the Foundry to whip it all up. So much for a Warframe that’s “too fast for the game.” In this guide, I’ll show you the best farming method to get Gauss in Warframe.

How to Farm Gauss in Warframe

Farming Gauss in Warframe
Screenshot by Gamepur

First, head over to the Warframe market and purchase Gauss’s blueprint for 30000 credits. Gauss is made up of three blueprints: Neuroptics, Chassis, and Systems. Getting them is our top priority.

Now, to farm Gauss, it’s time to put those legs to work. Make your way to the Corpus Disruption node on KappaSedna. This is a disruption mission and focuses on the C rotationStop every Demolisher after every key insert. This keeps things moving, preventing unnecessary delays. Four rounds usually take about 15 minutes, but to farm Gauss in Warframe, we’re going to speed things up. 

Speed up key insertion times by collecting double drops of keys. Hold onto them even if you’ve already inserted a specific key during that round. This way, you can insert keys immediately in the next round. 

While you can pull off the key juggling solo, it’s way smoother with a team. Join forces in a public game or invite some friends over to farm Gauss in Warframe themselves.

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Once you’ve collected all three blueprints, it’s time to gather special materials to craft each. Argon crystals, Heart Nyths, Radiant Centrums, Star Crimzian Gems — the list to get the entire Gauss Warframe goes on. 

You’ll need to invest in standing with Ostron and Solaris United to get your hands on these special gems. Reach the ranks of Surah and Doer to unlock the goodies. If standing is not your thing, you can always trade with fellow players.

Once you’ve collected all the parts and materials, put your crafting skills to the test in the Foundry. It’s time to assemble Gauss, the frame that will make every other Warframe look like it’s standing still.