How to farm in Roblox The Survival Game

Farm, thrive, and survive!

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The Survival Game is a popular Roblox game that challenges you to survive on an island with limited resources. One of the most critical skills you can learn is farming, which allows you to grow your own food and reduce your reliance on scavenging. In this guide, we’ll cover how you can start farming in The Survival Game.

How to start farming in Roblox The Survival Game

To start farming, you will need a shovel, which you can get at the crafting table. Crafting a crafting table requires five pieces of wood and two ropes. Once you have a crafting table, you can make a shovel at the bottom left of the crafting bench menu. You will need sharp stones, a tool handle, and two ropes to craft a shovel.

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All the materials you need for crafting are fairly easy, and you get all of them by gathering only wood, leaves, and stones. First, break some trees, and you will have plenty of wood and leaves. After that, mine some stone ores that you will easily come across in the game’s world to get stones. You will be able to craft everything else you need from these materials. Once you have the materials, craft a shovel and select it from the inventory.

How to plant seeds in Roblox The Survival Game?

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Once you have a shovel equipped, you can till the land by selecting the Till Soil option on the left side of the screen. This allows you to add or remove plots of soil. You will need to choose a location with fertile soil. After tilling the soil, you can plant seeds by selecting the Plant Seeds option and choosing the available seeds.

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To get seeds, you must locate what you want to grow and have them in your inventory. You can harvest the plants with a rock or an axe as they grow. However, you must protect your crops from other players who may steal them.