How to get Multifaceted Flavors in Destiny 2 The Dawning 2022

The perfect finishing baked good for the holiday season.

Image via Bungie

The ingredients you find during Destiny 2’s The Dawning holiday event will be used in your Holiday Oven to craft delicious baked goods to give to many of the characters in the game. The only way to find these ingredients is by eliminating enemies, and the rarer materials require that you do this in a specific way. If you’re looking for Multifaceted Flavors for Bright-dusted Snowballs for Tess, you have to go about in a particular way. Here’s what you need to know about how to get Multifaceted Flavors in Destiny 2 and how to farm them best.

Where to find Multifaceted Flavors in Destiny 2’s The Dawning 2022

The only way you can have Multifaceted Flavors drop for you in Destiny 2 is to rapidly defeat enemies within a short amount of time. Essentially, you need to earn multikills during an engagement. Unlike the other rarer materials, you do not need to use a particular weapon or ability to do this. All you have to do is make that you take our foes quickly enough, and the ones that choose to clump together prove to be the best targets for this ingredient.

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You can likely earn this alongside other rarer ingredients, such as using a rocket launcher to gain Delicious Explosion, using a Heavy Machine Gun or Auto Rifle to earn Bullet Spray, or even obtaining Superb Texture from using your Supers, which is typically the best way to make Multifaceted Flavors.

We highly recommend participating in Public Events to earn Multifaceted Flavors. If you arrive early enough, you can interact with the flag at the starting position to prepare your Super and refill any of your missing ammunition, ensuring you’re ready to battle against the horde of enemies heading to your position.

When ready, you can return to your Holiday Oven to prepare to bake the Bright-Dusted Snowballs for Tess. These are all of the ingredients you need to complete the recipe.

Bright-Dusted Snowballs

  • 1 Chitin Powder
  • 1 Multifaceted Flavors
  • 15 Essence of Dawning

You’ll need to deliver these to Tess when you’re finished. You can find Tess in the Tower to the left of Eve at the Eververse store.