How to farm Perfect Enlightenment Slabs in Digimon Survive

Enlightenment on a floppy disc.

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If your looking to fill out the massive roster of all 113 Digimon in Digimon Survive, one of the most valuable tools at your disposal is your ability to evolve wild Digimon into more advanced forms. This evolving process becomes even more important as you reach higher levels, and it becomes increasingly difficult to recruit Digimon reliably. Evolving any wild Digimon from Champion to Ultimate requires using a hard-to-come-by resource called Perfect Enlightenment Slabs.

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Where to find Perfect Enlightenment Slabs

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You can find Perfect Enlightenment Slabs in a few places if you search each area carefully, especially as you start getting into Part 6 of the story. The most reliable way to find them is by fighting Monzaemon.

Monzaemon will begin appearing fairly regularly (once every two or three tries) at the Free Battle location in the Second Island Area. If you want to grind through battles without Monzaemon quickly, you can always take advantage of the auto-battle feature and set battles to happen at max speed. When you come across Monzaemon, though, your goal is to use negotiation to convince them to give you items, which will always be Perfect Enlightenment Slabs.

How to successfully negotiate with Monzaemon

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To succeed in your negotiation with Monzaemon, you’ll need to answer several of its questions in a way that makes it relate to you. In general, Monzaemon seems to respond well to mostly kind answers but a little skeptical. If you’d like to skip the guesswork, though, the best answers to each possible question are as follows:

QuestionBest answer
All… you need… is love…That’s a tough sell.
Do you… treasure… your comrades…?More than anything.
Do you… wanna… fight…?I don’t want to fight.
Get… away from here…Appreciate the advice!
Mutual… understanding… would end… conflict…That’s not enough.
Stepping on… flowers… makes me… sad…What a nice ‘mon.
Would you… use violence… to protect others…?Try something else.