What are Perceived Memories in Digimon Survive?

These short stories are worth your while.

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In Digimon Survive, the game emphasizes early on that you should take advantage of exploring and check out every nook of cranny. If you do, you’ll find useful items such as equipment crystals and healing items. One collectible that you’ll find around is Perceived Memories.

Perceived Memories collectible short stories that you find throughout the game. There are three different stories to find Perceived Memories for: Spirited Away, All in the Seasoning, and The Tale of the Mural. All three of these stories each have five chapters making that a total of 15 chapters to collect. If you manage to find all the chapters to a story, you’ll gain a powerful equipment crystal. However, finding Perceived Memories won’t be easy as they’re hidden throughout the world. So, if you want to collect them all, you need to be looking everywhere while exploring.

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How to find Perceived Memories in Digimon Survive

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To find a Perceived Memory, you’ll need to look around the area using your phone. Any spots with distortion might indicate that it could be a Perceived Memory. The issue with this is that distortions could also be an enemy or an item. How you’ll know you found yourself a Perceived Memory is when you click on it, Takuma says that he feels like there’s a voice in his head.

Are the Perceived Memories missable collectibles?

As long as you still have access to the areas in which the Perceived Memories are still in, you can get them. For example, the Tale of Mural Chapter 1 is located to the far right of the Inner Shrine Entrance. While you may miss it when you first have free roam in this area, as long as you come back to this location, you can still pick up this Perceived Memory. But just in case you get locked out of an area because of your choices or an area is a one-and-done situation, we highly recommend that you always scan every area you’re in with your phone before continuing on with the story.