How to farm Skybuilders’ scrips in Final Fantasy XIV

Earn more prizes from the Ishgardian Restoration.

Image via Square Enix

The Ishgardian Restoration in Final Fantasy XIV lets crafters and gatherers contribute to the rebuilding efforts in the city of Ishgard. Besides gaining experience points, players also earn Skybuilders’ scrips, which are tokens you can use to buy exclusive prizes. Special furniture, emotes, and more are available to players with plenty of these scrips to spend. Anyone can earn these scrips after unlocking the Ishgardian Restoration in the Firmament.

Gather high-level items for appraisal

While not as efficient as the crafting methods, gatherers can focus on earning Skybuilders’ scrips in Diadem. Gathering level 80 items with high rarity lands a decent amount of scrips after appraising everything. Go after the timed nodes whenever you see the notification that they’ve shown up on the map. These work like legendary and ephemeral nodes out in the real world. All you have to do is fly to the location marked on your mini-map and start gathering. While Diadem won’t be as fast as crafting, it’s your only way to farm scrips if you’d rather stay on your gathering jobs.

Craft level 80 collectible items

Alternatively, after appraising all those items you gathered, you can turn them into collectible items with your crafters. You’ll find these collectible items under the Ishgardian Restoration tab in your crafting log. One option is to focus on the level 80 crafts. These are kind of difficult and time-intensive, requiring several crystals and materials to get done. If you have the highest item level gear for your crafters, this shouldn’t be too bad. But if your gear is just decent, then you may find yourself struggling with these crafts. If you decide they’re not worth your time, you have one other option instead.

Craft level 70 items on a level 80 job

This method requires the level 80 skill available to all crafting jobs, Trained Eye. Using this skill gets you to 100% quality on any craft ten or more levels below yours, including the level 70 crafts. So all you’d have to do is use Trained Eye, then finish the rest of the craft. This wouldn’t take too long at all, though the amount of scrips you get per craft is much lower than the level 80 collectibles. But for anyone who thinks the level 80 crafts aren’t worth it, you can quickly get these level 70 ones done instead.

Finally, if you don’t have any level 80 crafters yet, don’t worry. Just keep crafting collectibles and turn them in for the huge chunks of experience points. Focus on leveling, and you’ll naturally get your Skybuilders’ scrips over time. Then you can start farming scrips much faster at max level.