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How to find all the Tower Tunnel Collections Chests in Hogwarts legacy

Scour the tunnel for answers.

As you explore the world of Hogwarts Legacy, you will discover countless secrets such as chests, Field Pages, and cosmetic items. Collection Chests are one of the many collectibles in the game and opening them grants you various items like different cosmetic changes and wand handles. Pretty late in the game, you will help Sebastian clear out the Tower Tunnel which has multiple chests hidden within its walls. This guide will show you how to find all the Tower Tunnel Collections Chests in Hogwarts Legacy.

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All Tower Tunnel Collections Chest locations in Hogwarts Legacy

During your many escapades, you will end up receiving a quest from Sebastian called In the Shadow of the Mountain. During this quest, you will need to clear out multiple goblin camps in the southern part of the map. After clearing out the camps, you will enter the Tower Tunnel. This area is located at the top of the mountain in the eastern part of the Marunweem Lake section of the map.

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Once inside the tunnel, you will be able to find two hidden Collections Chests. The first one isn’t too far from the entrance. From the entrance, follow the tunnel down to a larger chamber with spiders. There will be some light cascading in from the ceiling. Stick to the left wall of the tunnel to find a wall of loose rocks. Blast the rocks with Bombardo and keep going to the left up the hill. At the top of the hill hang a right to find a spider web. Burn the web with a fire spell and the Collections Chest will be on the other side.

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For the second Collections Chest, you will need to progress through the tunnel until you reach a room with a curved staircase. Continue further into the tunnel and you will find a larger room where you need to fight a lot of spiders. Once they are all defeated, look to the right side of the room where there are two knight statues next to a doorway covered in spider webs. Burn the webs and you will find the Collections Chest on the other side.

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Once you have found both chests, you will be done with the Tower Tunnel. Now you can try to find all of them in Irondale.

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