How to reach Marunweem Lake in Hogwarts Legacy

You can’t just fly there on a broomstick.


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Hogwarts Legacy is filled with exotic locations to explore. Some of them are home to puzzles and quests, others packed with enemies and exciting artifacts. This guide explains how to get to Marunweem Lake, a place packed with some of the best mounts in the game.

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Marunweem Lake location in Hogwarts Legacy

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To get to Marunweem Lake, you need to travel to the bottom of Hogwarts Legacy’s map. You can find Marunweem Lake easily, but to reach it, you’ll need to fight through a bottleneck of a dungeon. The dungeon is called Tomb of Treachery, and it’s the lowest point you can reach on the map by broomstick. Once you fly there, you’ll find that the hills block you from flying any further, meaning you must dismount and head through this location. To enter it:

  1. Mark the Tomb of Treachery Floo Flame on your map and use your broomstick to fly there.
  2. Look for the large entrance to the cave nearby.
  3. Be warned, there are Loyalist Goblins lurking around who will attack you on sight, and you need to be around level 16 to fight them off. 

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Tomb of Treachery is brimming with Goblins that will fight you if they catch you. We found that the best way to get through was to cast the Disillusionment Charm, which you earn from the Secrets of the Restricted Section quest. Cast it and move around the Goblins where they stand guard or patrol the cave. If you find that they block the path, fire a wand blast at a wall nearby to distract them and get them to move away, clearing a space for you to sneak through.

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At the exit to the cave, you’ll have to fight a group of Goblins with a boss enemy called Ogbert the Odd. We recommend using Ancient Magic to defeat the boss and one other enemy, leaving two or three for you to tackle after. Beat these enemies, paying close attention to their shields and the appropriate counter spells, and you can exit the cave to fly to your destination.

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Open the map, mark the Marunweem Lake Floo Flame on your map, and fly there at your leisure. This area has a lot of enemies in it, but you don’t need to fight any of them if you just want to fly to the lake. It’s best to head directly there and trigger the Floo Flame so you can easily fast travel back there in the future. This is one of the locations you can find Thestrals in, so locate a herd if you want one for a mount.