How to Find and Beat Broncherry Aqua Boss in Palworld

Broncherry Aqua is pretty hard to find for a Pal that is meant to be massive. Here’s how to find and beat them on Palworld.

Where is Broncherry Aqua Palworld

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Alpha Pal bosses are scattered throughout the Palapagos Islands in Palworld. However, just because their location is marked on the map doesn’t mean it’ll be easy to spot them.

Broncherry Pals are usually humongous grass types, but the Broncherry Aqua is unsurprisingly a water-type Pal. Though its spawn location isn’t limited to this boss fight, beating Broncherry Aqua in the center islands is your best chance at grabbing this Pal in the early game.

Aqua or not, Broncherry makes for a great combat partner and a fantastic base worker. The earlier you have them in your team, the stronger you’ll be against your foes. While you can follow Broncherry Aqua’s location on the map, you won’t find them atop a mountain or out in the wild. In this guide, I’ll show you how to find and beat Broncherry Aqua in Palworld.

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Broncherry Aqua Location in Palworld

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Broncherry Aqua can be found east of the Ascetic Falls waypoint in Palworld. The exact coordinates to find this boss are X: -168 and -451. It wouldn’t hurt to bring a flying mount like Nitewing and a torch on this expedition.

The best way to find Broncherry Aqua is to teleport to the Ascetic Falls waypoint and head east until you find the Lake that leads to the mine shaft. As you stand on the cliff next to the lake, look for the mine shaft with wooden barrels and torches on the sides.

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Head inside and equip your torch to light the way. If you’ve spent your Ancient Technology Points wisely, perhaps you already have a hip lantern to help you reach the end of the mineshaft where Broncherry Aqua can be found in Palworld.

How to Beat Broncherry Aqua in Palworld

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To beat Broncherry Aqua in Palworld, bring a strong team of either fire or electric Pals to target their weaknesses. Broncherry Aqua is both grass and water type, which means they’ve got two weaknesses, but also two strengths:

  • If you bring Fire pals like Suzuku or Bushi, Broncherry Aqua’s water attacks will greatly damage them.
  • Bringing Electric pals, on the other hand, gives you the absolute upper hand in the boss fight against Broncherry Aqua in Palworld.

Broncherry Aqua’s Skills in Palworld

Here is the list of moves you should be careful of during the Broncherry Aqua boss battle in Palworld:

Skill NameDescriptionCounterattack
Aqua GunUnleashes a water ball toward you.Dodge to the side. Take advantage of the opening to attack.
Bubble BlastFires a stream of bubbles that follow you.Dodge continuously both backward and to one side to avoid running out of free space.
Muscle SlamIf you’re melee-ing, Broncherry turns to one side and tackles you.Stick to ranged combat. Let the Pals go up in arms.
Seed MinePlants a seed that explodes upon contact.Stay away from the seed; let your Pal take the hit.
Spine VineSpawns thorns that case you along the ground. Dodge to the side until you’re free from danger.

With the right team, you won’t have much trouble beating them. Do keep in mind that they have a massive health pool, so make sure to bring your strongest ranged weapons and the best spheres to catch Broncherry Aqua in Palworld.