The 10 Best Pals For Building Up Your Base In Palworld

While Lifmunk is great for base building, there are more Pals there that can get the job done.

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Palworld is full of Pals that are great at building up your base or helping it maintain resources. More than just stats, oftentimes, Pals can be better suited for transporting items or performing other tasks because of their size or how quickly they move.

Depending on what you have at your base, you’ll likely need some help mining, logging, or just getting resources from point A to point B. The best kind of base has a Pal for every required job, spreading work across the whole bunch so that the base is as efficient as possible without stressing out too many Pals along the way. In this article, we’ll go over some Pals that you may want to keep an eye out for so that you can catch them to help work your base.

10. Woolipop

Woolipop is a cute cotton candy sheepdog Pal that you can find just near the Desolate Church fast travel point. These wooly creatures are great to have in your Ranch area since they produce Cotton Candy. Having Cotton Candy as your main food staple instead of just Red Berries can really help boost morale since Cotton Candy helps improve Sanity the more Pals eat it.

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9. Incineram

Incineram is a Pal found in the southwestern area of the game, just on the edge of the golden autumn-looking forest. This Pal is unique in the sense that it has more abilities than just Kindling, which is unusual for a Fire type. Incineram is useful for all the functions that it has in a base among Pals and has them at Level 2 to boot.

8. Lifmunk

Lifmunk is one of the most useful early-game Pals you can get for your base. It has almost everything you need to make a base self-sustaining: woodworking, gathering, planting, handiwork, and even Medicine Making. It’s a wonder this little squirrel does this, all without thumbs. You can find the gun-wielding fiend just north of the Windswept Hills, but be advised: they tend to run when spotted.

It must be because they know how useful they are.

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7. Pengullet

Pengullet is another example of a nice early-game Pal that can be quite useful for your base. Where most Water types only have Watering going for them concerning base skills, this little guy (or in my case, big guy) has four. While they might all be level one, this spread is great if you need your fields to be tended to while having an extra set of flippers around to transport your items and help with workbench tasks. Plus, a fridge is nice to have when you unlock it.

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6. Killamari

Killamari is a simple squid Pal that looks like it should evolve but doesn’t. The reason this little one is so great is because it has Transporting level 2, which is more than most Pals. That, combined with a tiny size that doesn’t clip on objects and the fact that its only other skill is gathering, makes this Pal perfect for you if you need some resources in boxes ASAP. If you want one for yourself, go into any dungeon, and you’ll likely find a few floating around.

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5. Tanzee

Tanzee is almost like Lifmunk but with a tendency towards Transporting instead of Medicine Making. This makes them a little less versatile but far more useful if you’re in the early game and need someone to gopher items from one place to another. You can find Tanzee, where you also find Lifmunk, although they can be found almost anywhere north of Windswept Hills, even near the same area where you can find Woolipop.

4. Cattiva

Cattiva is likely one of the first Pals you’ve caught, and it’s a good thing you did. Not many Pals that you find in the beginning can Mine, but Cattiva is the perfect Pal for getting the job done even when you don’t have that many options. Between Pengullet, Cattiva, Lifmunk, and Tanzee, you’ll have an almost fully managed base with plenty of overlap in Transport to ensure that any resources you make are secure in boxes.

Just make sure you don’t let Cattiva accidentally work itself into a tizzy like I did.

3. Caprity

If you don’t have enough Berry farms or want to turn all of your Red Berry plots into Wheat plots, consider the Pal Caprity. This delightful goat berry bush is like Woolipop in the sense that it is made for being on the Ranch but drops Red Berries every so often as its resource. This can help you supplement your resources if you’re running low or diversify your stock if you have too much of one thing.

2. Flambelle

For those who need Fire Arrows, consider Flambelle. While you do need to venture far to the west in the volcanic area to get one of these (or get really lucky like me and hatch it from an Egg), the benefits of having one on your base are fantastic. When Flambelle is on your base, there’s a chance the magma tears it drops will turn into Flame Organs. This is a great way to have your own self-sustaining supply of this resource, meaning you can make as many Fire Arrows as you want without needing to go out for resupply.

1. Ribunny

If you need a little extra help gathering up resources and putting them away, consider this cute bunny Pal. Found just to the east of the volcano area are where you can pick up a Flambelle, Ribunny is an adorable pink Pal that is great at helping others. Although for some reason, the Skilled Fingers ability only applies to the efficiency of a Weapons Workbench, not the entire base. Maybe Ribunny is secretly a gun nut?

It wouldn’t surprise me at all.