How to find and complete the Beachward Bound supply drop mission in Far Cry 6

Be fast and strong to beat Castillo’s forces.


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Yara is packed with activities for you to take on in Far Cry 6. While you might want to spend your time taking checkpoints and winning the war for the guerrilla’s that way, there’s a more subtle way to harm Castillo’s efforts. By taking supply drops from Castillo’s army, you can arm the guerrilla’s with better weapons and help them fight harder. Some supply drops are random, while others are waiting in the world for you to find them. This guide covers how to complete one of the permanent supply drop missions, Beachward Bound.

How to find the Beachward Bound mission start

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While exploring Yara, you’ll come across a massive water tower just north of the northern border to Costa Del Mar. In the image above, it’s where the player indicator icon is placed. To reach it, you’ll need to climb the ladder up to a platform and then use your grappling hook to climb to the top. The mission will begin as soon as you interact with the radio on top of the tower.

How to complete Beachward Bound

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Once you interact with the radio, you’ll be given a timer and a location. You have roughly three minutes to get to the supply drop before Castillo’s forces take it away. Jump off of the tower and parachute down to the nearest vehicle. There should be some quad bikes in the trees below you. Hop onto a quad bike or horse and start moving as fast as possible to the supply drop.

The fastest way to get to the supply drop is to follow the road. The ideal vehicle is a quad bike or a horse because they can be used on roads and in scrubland. This will help you avoid the checkpoint that you need to drive past and allow you to drive off the road to your right when you close in on the supply drop.

When you reach the supply drop, you’ll need to kill a few soldiers to secure the area. Once they’re down, pick up the supply drop and get out of there. Castillo’s soldiers will still be heading to the area, and you can avoid an unnecessary fight if you leave before they get there.