How to find and defeat Fisherman Tinnak’s ghost in World of Warcraft: Dragonflight

It’s fishy business.

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If you’re scouring the surprisingly large land of Dragon Isles in World of Warcraft: Dragonflight for some rare quests, you’ve likely heard of Fisherman Tinnak. This bonus objective takes place entirely within the Azure Span of the Dragon Isles, the southern-most region of the expansion mostly covered in a layer of snow and frost. There’s a bit of sleuthing and investigating to complete this quest, but it’s a relatively short foray with a mini-boss fight at the end.

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How to start the Fisherman Tinnak bonus objective

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First, players will need to be at a reputation level 7 with the Iskaara Tuskarr in World of Warcraft: Dragonflight. In order to complete the Fishing Harpoon, you’ll need the Tattered Seavine from Tinnak. In order to spawn this enemy in, you will need to investigate three items on the ground in the Upper Frostlands. All items are near each other, in the same vicinity of where the enemy will spawn.

Where to find the three items to spawn Fisherman Tinnak

Players will need to find the Broken Fishing Pole, Torn Fishing Net, and Old Harpoon — the fisherman will spawn after retrieving the harpoon. Players can find these three items at the following coordinates, located within the Azure Span: note that attempting to follow these coordinates outside of the Azure Span will result in inaccurate locations.

  • Broken Fishing Pole — 50.52 63.72
  • Torn Fishing Net — 49.97 38.21
  • Old Harpoon — 49.22 38.42

How to defeat Fisherman Tinnak

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Upon investigating the Old Harpoon, Fisherman Tinnak will spawn a short way from the player and will close the distance into melee range. The fight is relatively straightforward, but Fisherman Tinnak has more than half a million HP, which can make this fight difficult for some classes to deal with on their own. It’s also world-instanced, so you can’t have much help from other players. Try using various crowd control on the enemy if you aren’t comfortable closing the distance, and make short work of the ethereal walrus.