How to find and defeat the Frost Bot in Tower of Fantasy

Let’s find and give him hell, but together.

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Frost Bot is an extremely dangerous world boss you will encounter in Tower of Fantasy. Defeating him is highly challenging as he poses some of the most potent attacks in the game. This Tower of Fantasy guide will go over where you can find and how to defeat Frost Bot in the best way possible.

Where to find Frost Bot in Tower of Fantasy | Frost Bot location

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You can find Frost Bot all the way north of Banges Omnium Tower, near a small river between the region of Banges and Navia Bay. You can fast-travel to the nearest spaceship and head northwest to find Frost Bot.

Tips to defeat Frost Bot world boss

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Get the help of other players

Frost Bot is a level 35 world boss, meaning you must be at that level or above to have a chance to defeat him. That said, you can beat him at lower levels, but with a risk of getting one or two shots to death with most of Frost Bot’s attacks. It’s incredibly time-consuming and grueling to solo him, so your first step toward defeating him is to find other players.

You can do that by looking for players wanting to raid Frost Bot in World Chat or asking other players to join your channel to raid him. Either way, you will need at least three other players to help you defeat Frost Bot, but more if you are at a lower level.

Avoid Frost Bot’s freezing attack

Frost Bot has many attacks that can significantly damage you, but the one surprising attack you should watch out for is his freezing attack, especially at lower levels, as it can easily one-shot you. Besides that, you can see most of his attacks and avoid them.

Take out the shield with fire damage

Frost Bot is weak to fire damage, and you will easily manage to take his shield out with fire. This will stun him and give you the chance to deal heavy amounts of damage. We recommend you to take long or medium-range fire weapons and avoid any frost weapons as he is resistant to those. Additionally, take some healing items to deal with unfortunate low-health situations.

That’s all you need to defeat Frost Bot; keep avoiding his attacks, fight with your friends, and use proper equipment to defeat him. Once you defeat him, you will get a chance to have a random SSR weapon and FF79 Alloy Lubricants, which you need to¬†complete the Wandering Servant side quest.