How to find and use Garlands in Forspoken

A beautiful form of Breakshard.

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There are a lot of materials that you will need to gather as you explore the world of Athia in Forspoken. Among the many materials you can find are Breakshards. These rocks are pieces of the break imbued with the blood of the Tantas and they are the key to upgrading your gear. Most of the shards are easy to find, but Garlands, the rarest of these items, can be difficult to locate. This guide will show how to find and use Garlands in Forspoken.

Where to find Garlands in Forspoken

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Garlands are dropped by powerful foes such as world and dungeon bosses. If you want to get your hands on them, you will need to seek out specific mutant types found across the world of Athia. Each mutant type has a chance to drop one of five different Garland types. The following Garlands can be found throughout the game:

  • Fervid Garland
  • Leaden Garland
  • Lambent Garland
  • Welkin Garland
  • Lucid Garland

Mutants are marked on the map as an upside-down arrow. Defeating these beasts will drop a Garland each time. You can also get Garlands by defeating abominations. These are even bigger variants of the world bosses that are much tougher and far more vicious.

The other method of obtaining Garlands comes later in the game after you have unlocked Spellcraft Challenges. Once you have learned the Rarify ability, you will be able to combine Breakshards of the same type to improve their level. Complete the Spellcraft Challenge for this ability and it will allow you to combine Breakshards of the same type to form Garlands.

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How to use Garlands in Forspoken

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Garlands are used to upgrade your gear and make Frey stronger. To upgrade your gear, head to a crafting bench. These are typically found inside Refuges around the map but there are some in Cipal and in castle towns. Upon interacting with a crafting bench, choose the upgrade option. This will allow you to choose a piece of gear and apply whichever upgrade you want to it as long as you have the necessary items to craft the upgrade.