How Spellcraft Challenges work in Forspoken

Only through challenges can you become stronger.

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There is plenty to do in the world of Forspoken. Athia is covered in side content for you to experience, from Lost Labyrinths and overtaken towns. While you are completing these tasks, you can take on a few challenges to help increase your spellcasting capabilities. Spellcraft Challenges help make your magic more potent and make Frey even more of a threat to those affected by the Break. This guide will show you how Spellcraft Challenges work in Forspoken.

How to accept and complete Spellcraft Challenges in Forspoken

After completing the game tutorial, you will be tasked with learning more about the Tantas so that you can take the fight to them. This will ultimately lead you to the library. Once there, interact with the bookshelf in the back near the door to get your first Spellcraft Challenges. This will bring you to the magic menu, where you can select three different Spellcraft Challenges to complete while you take on other tasks around Athia.

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Spellcraft Challenges differ depending on what spell you choose for the challenge. For instance, the challenge for the Leap spell tasks you with climbing cliffs. After you have climbed so many feet into the air, the challenge will be complete. Other challenges require hitting enemies, dodging attacks, or running a certain distance. Completing these challenges will enhance your magical abilities, whether it be by increasing your stamina or making one of your magic types more powerful.

The first of the Spellcraft Challenges are found in the library, but more can be found throughout the world in books. Once you unlock a Spellcraft Challenge, activate it in the magic menu. On PlayStation, you can press the square button to view the challenges available for each spell. Even different levels of spells have challenges for you to complete.