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How to find and use Ritual Skulls in Sea of Thieves

Finding one of these skulls is going to be a bit of a challenge.
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The ominous red and white Ritual Skull is a valuable item to the Bilge Rats in Sea of Thieves. While you can sell them to Larinna in front of any Tavern, you’re more likely seeking out Ritual Skulls to activate the Fort of the Damned. These are rarer than your usual bounty Skull, and there are a handful of opportunities to scrounge for these menacing relics.

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Where to find Ritual Skulls in Sea of Thieves

In general, you have a chance to find Ritual Skulls as random loot from the following events:

  • Finding on a Skeleton Ship before or after sinking it
  • Finding in a Collector’s Chest from a Skeleton’s Orders quest, dropped by a random spawning Skeleton Captain
  • Finding it in an Ashen Chest, opened with an Ashen Key; both can be either found in the world or purchased with Doubloons from Larinna

Guaranteed Ritual Skull drops

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The following events are guaranteed to drop a Ritual Skull.

  • Following the map from a Skull Stash Voyage, sold by Larinna for 40 Doubloons
  • Completing a Skeleton Fleet event and looting the sunken Captain’s Ship
  • Defeating an Ashen Lord

You can probably guess that purchasing a Skull Stash Voyage is the easiest way to go. The quest will give you a map on the Outpost that you are on, with a red X marking where to dig up a Ritual Skull.

How to use Ritual Skulls

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Depending on your needs, you might just sell your Ritual Skull(s) to Larinna in front of any Tavern, or even to the Reaper’s Bones at The Reaper’s Hideout. A Ritual Skull will sell for 10 Doubloons, or more to the Reaper’s Bones depending on your Emissary Grade, with 25 at Grade V.

Otherwise, you might be using the Ritual Skull to activate the Fort of the Damned event. The Fort of the Damned is at map coordinates L14. Once you reach the island, make your way up the fort to find six statues and a cage. The statues are for each of the Flames of Fate — once you light each of them correctly, the cage will open. Place the Ritual Skull on the headless body in the cage to activate the event. Keep in mind that you will lose the Ritual Skull from this.

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