How to build new rooms in your Freighter in No Man’s Sky

Build a base that moves with you.


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The Endurance update for No Man’s Sky completely overhauled the way Freighters work in the game. They can now operate like mobile bases, allowing you to take everything you’d usually need a planetary base for on the road, so you’re always close to a Large Refiner or greenhouse. This guide explains how to build new rooms in your Freighter, allowing you to hit the ground running.

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How to build rooms in your Freighter

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Your Freighter has many corridors that you can explore and build upon with new rooms. To build a room, press the build button (the up directional button on controller) to open the build menu. This shows you every room you can build based on the blueprints you’ve acquired so far. Select the room you’d like to build and then place it wherever you want. The only caveat is that these rooms must be attached to other rooms or corridors in your Freighter. So build a new corridor if you want to expand the Freighter and its rooms.

How to get room Blueprints for your Freighter

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You can’t build new rooms in your Freighter without Blueprints. These work the same as they do for all in all other instances. You need to purchase them to unlock them, then you can build the object. You can get Blueprints for rooms in your Freighter from the Freighter Upgrade Terminal. This is in the Bridge on your Freighter, accessed via the central computer.

Walk around the computer until you see the right icon and then interact with it to open the menu. You can then purchase new Blueprints before using them to build rooms. This is also where you can purchase new cosmetic Blueprints for your Freighter. Note that you’ll need specific elements to unlock each Blueprint, which may require you to visit some new systems and barter with a few aliens.