How to find every clip in Immortality

There’s a lot of story in Immortality, beyond the three films.

Screenshot by Gamepur

The bizarre mystery found within Immortality places players in a bit of an eerie conundrum, as precisely how players should press forwards (and when to stop) isn’t made entirely clear. As players progress, they’ll need to find a total of 202 film clips from three separate movies that never saw the light of day.

Where to find every clip in Immortality

To find every clip within Immortality, players will need a bit of patience and a lot of curiosity. The three films, and the number of clips each reel has, are as follows:

  • Ambrosio (1968) — 76 clips
  • Minsky (1970) — 69 clips
  • Two of Everything (1999) — 57 clips

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How to unlock new clips in Immortality

Players begin the game with a few clips unlocked and a brief tutorial telling players how to shift into ‘image mode’ while watching these clips. Clicking on various actors and props within image mode of clips will bring players to another clip: occasionally, this clip has been seen before, it may be a new clip, or it may be of a different environment entirely.

Once players enter image mode, which should be done in multiple places per clip, players can then quickly scan the image for match cuts, where the cursor icon turns into an eye. Players can flick through these using left/right on the d-pad of a controller or by pressing left/right on the keyboard during image mode to scan.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Key areas that players will want to match cut onto:

  • Actor/actress faces.
  • Bright props (fruits, signs, doors — anything that pops out of the image in terms of colors)
  • Weaponry
  • Food & drink
  • Animals
  • Time-keeping devices

Paying attention to sudden shifts in music may notify players that a specific match cut is possible, or scrubbing the clip should be attempted to find sub-clips. The clapperboards are the failsafe of Immortality: if you feel as though you’ve exhausted every actor and actress, and every prop, you can begin clicking the clapperboard in earnest which will reveal a large segment of clips on its own, if match cut enough times. Note: Not all clips can be found using the clapperboard.

How to know when all clips are found in Immortality

If players have the perseverance to find every clip in Immortality, they will receive a notification of the unlocked achievement ‘Cinephile.’ This is not the end of the game, however: many clips have hidden aspects that can only be found through scrubbing footage that will reveal something far more unique than lost footage and the curious story of Marissa Marcel.