How to find Golden Hematite in Wild Hearts

All that glitters is gold.

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Golden Hematite is a late-game crafting material that Wind-based armor and high-level weapon require in Wild Hearts. Building high-tier gear is necessary to take down end-game bosses. Golden Hematite can be farmed reliably when you know where to look. This guide will explain how to get Golden Hematite in Wild Hearts.

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Where to find Golden Hematite in Wild Hearts

Golden Hematite is an ore found only in one location in Wild Hearts. To find Golden Hematite, you must head to Akikure Canyon. This location is what Harvest Canyon changes into once you reach Chapter 4 of the main campaign.  Once you head to Akikure Canyon, you can find Golden Hematite anywhere in this region, as it’s embedded into cliff walls and rock faces. Reference the picture below to see what Golden Hematite looks like in the game.

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When you see this bright yellow stone, run up to it and hit L2 to add Golden Hematite to your inventory. If you want to earn Golden Hematite in rapid succession, we recommend you build a Tsukumo Ore Shrine. You can unlock this Dragon Karakuri in the Karakuri skill tree tab of the menu screen. The map below shows the best spots to find these nodes.

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To easily farm this material, place three of these structures around your starting location. After a few minutes, these shrines will start earning this resource for you. When the Shrine says it’s full, collect the materials to earn a handful of Ore, Corestone, and Golden Hematite with each pickup. Let these shrines make resources while you’re on hunts or scavenging the map for Golden Hematite nodes. Doing this will give you plenty of Golden Hematite to craft powerful armor and weapons.