How to Find Narvi’s Muznakan Carvings in LotR: Return to Moria

Another puzzle awaits LotR: Return to Moria players, as Narvi’s Muznakan is also missing carvings in the Elven Quarter.

LotR: Return to Moria Muznakan of Narvi's line

Screenshot by Gamepur

Ori isn’t the only dwarf to have Muznakan carvings missing from their display in LotR: Return to Moria. Players will have to locate more carvings if they want to see what treasures the Muznakan of Narvi’s Line is hiding.

In LotR: Return to Moria, players will find another Muznakan located in the Elven Quarter. These carvings can be challenging to locate but thankfully they are close by. Players will have gone too far if they leave this area. Locations will be different for every world. Here are some spots I have found the carvings in.

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How Many Carvings Are Missing From Narvi’s Muznakan

The Muznakan of Narvi’s line is missing four carvings. This is good news, as the Elven Quarter is a large area with many structures.

However, for this same reason, finding each missing carving isn’t an easy task, as there are plenty of places where these little idols could be lurking.

Where to Find Narvi’s Muznakan Carvings in LotR: Return to Moria

LotR: Return to Moria narvi muznakan carving
Screenshot by Gamepur

I found my first carving on the second floor in one of the abandoned buildings in the Elven Quarter. Not all of the carvings in Return to Moria will be in plain sight as this one was hidden under some old wood furnishing. Players should make sure they are keeping their eyes peeled as they take a pickaxe to different objects while collecting materials. These can be easily missed if a player isn’t doing more than taking a glance.

LotR: Return to Moria narvi carving location
Screenshot by Gamepur

In another spot, I found a Muznakan carving hidden up in a windowsill in an abandoned building. This building had a broken-down forge and furnace inside. The windowsill was up high in a dark corner, making the carving easy to miss without a light source. Be sure to light sconces and braziers to get a clear view of darker areas.

LotR: return to Moria narvi carving location
Screenshot by Gamepur

The third and fourth carvings were located in the Orc chests in the various goblin camps in the Elven Quarter. To get into these chests, you must defeat the human goblins guarding them. While an Orc Key will pop chests open, finding them around the camp can be a chore. Thankfully, I’ve found that breaking open the chests with my pickaxe was more effective, omitting the need for a key.

What is Inside Narvi’s Muznakan in Return to Moria

Once all the carvings are located, return them to the Muznakan display and reap the benefits of the search. The chest contains find 5x Steel Ingots, 2x Sapphires, 30x Gold Coins, and 2x Crafting Schematics.

While many of these items can be found with relative ease, the crafting schematics are of particular interest for those looking to explore more challenging areas in LotR: Return to Moria. After wrapping up with Narvi’s Muznakan, players will be ready to dive deep into the mines that lay beyond the Elven Quarter.