How to Find Pre Alpha in Risk of Rains Returns – Mu Construct Unlock

The Pre Alpha challenge unlocks a unique item you can use in Risk of Rain Returns, and this guide shows you how to complete it.

How To Complete the Pre Alpha Challenge in Risk of Rain Returns

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There are several items and rewards you can earn as you make your way through Risk of Rain Returns. These items become available and unlock as you work through the game, such as the Mu Construct, which requires you to complete the Pre Alpha Challenge.

The Pre Alpha Challenge only provides a small amount of detail to get started. You’ll discover that the only hint you have about it is that it’s “hidden somewhere in the world,” and you need to find it. Thankfully, even with these bleak options, I was able to track it down and add it to my collection. Here’s what you need to know about how to complete the Pre Alpha challenge in Risk of Rain Returns and unlock the Mu Construct.

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Where to Find The Pre Alpha Challenge in Risk of Rain Returns

Where to Complete Pre Alpha Challenge in Risk of Rain Returns
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For my Risk of Rain Returns playthrough, I was able to track down the Mu Construct by exploring the Desolate Forest, one of the first maps that can appear during your run. I had to stick to the edges of the map to find it, and I was looking for a pair of distinct statues sticking out of the wall. They look almost like two goat heads standing on either side of the mountain wall.

I could move through these and into the wall when I finally located them. I followed the pathway through and discovered the Mu Construct, an item I could freely grab for my character. Upon finding it, I completed the Pre Alpha Challenge, and the Mu Construct became an item that would randomly spawn whenever items appeared in my future Risk of Rain Returns runs, adding it to the rotation.

The Mu Construct item will heal your Risk of Rain Returns character by 2.5% of their maximum health every five seconds. However, this passive only activates when you’ve turned on the Teleporter for your level. This item has some hit-and-miss opportunities, but it can be extremely useful if you build a large amount of health on your character and struggle with holding down the Teleporter to advance to the next level. It does, however, lose its usefulness as you approach the end of a playthrough.