How to Unlock All Characters in Risk of Rain Returns

There are multiple characters for you to unlock on your Risk of Rain Returns playthrough, and this guide shows you how to do it.


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Risk of Rain Returns gives you the chance to replay a remade version of the original game, with many of the fan-favorite Survivors taking the stage. You’ll need to unlock all of the characters in the game before you can start using them, though.

How you unlock each character will vary as you progress through Risk of Rain Returns. You’ll need to work on different objectives while playing, but we have a full breakdown of what to expect and the best way to do it for each Survivor. Here’s what you need to know about how to unlock all characters in Risk of Rain Returns.

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Unlocking All Characters in Risk of Rain Returns

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There are 14 characters for you to unlock in Risk of Rain Returns, although there are 15 characters total. The first character everyone always starts with is the Commando, considered the jack-of-all-trades with its abilities and serves as a good starting point for anyone in the series. As you play through Risk of Rain Returns, fighting against the many bosses, unlocking more items, finding artifacts, and discovering locations, more characters will begin to unlock as you play.

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You can unlock these characters in Risk of Rain Returns and how you do it.

Risk of Rain Returns CharacterHow to Unlock
AcridYou have to free the Chained Creature. There is a box on the Sunken Tomb, on the right side of the map above water, that you can open to free Acrid. After freeing them, you have to defeat them.
ArtificerYou have to visit at least 10 unique stages in your Risk of Rain Returns playthrough.
BanditYou need to reach the third stage of a Risk of Rain Returns playthrough at least once.
CHEFYou will need to collect the Meat Nugget, Bustling Fungus, Sprouting Egg, Bitter Root, and Foreign Fruit in a single run.
DrifterYou will need to recycle at least six drones in a single run to unlock the Drifter.
EnforcerYou need to defeat the Magma Worm, Wandering Vagrant, and the Colossus at least once.
EngineerThroughout your Risk of Rain Returns playthrough, purchase at least 40 drones.
HAN-DYou need to find a hidden Robot Janitor in the final stage of Risk of Rain Returns.
HuntressYou will need to collect enough Monster Logs to unlock this character.
LoaderYou have to collect at least 30 unique items in one playthrough.
MercenaryYou will need to beat the game at least five times.
MinerYou must clear a path for the Survivor. This will occur on the Magma Barracks, on the lower right, and you need to defeat the Direseeker.
PilotYou must collect at least 15 Monster Logs.
SniperYou have to beat the game at least once.