How to find rope in Sons of the Forest

You’re going to need this critical crafting resource in Sons of the Forest.

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Rope is one of the more critical resources you need to track down in Sons of the Forest. You can use it in a handful of crafting recipes, but it’s also beneficial for using your structures and having it in your base. Rope is essential, but that doesn’t make it easy to locate. Thankfully, there are a handful of ways to track it down and have it readily available in your camp. Here’s what you need to know about how to find rope in Sons of the Forest.

Where to find rope in Sons of the Forest

There are two suitable methods for tracking down rope. The first is searching caves and looking for bodies on the ground. Typically, a few piles are nearby, and you can pick those up. Alternatively, you might find it at destroyed camps, where visitors previously stayed before being attacked. These are scattered throughout the island; some might be guarded by mutants or cannibals wandering around.

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The second, and likely better, method is to visit enemy camps. These are the cannibal camps with a handful of enemies wandering around. These camps have small tents with human bones attached to them or other mutants tied up at the front of their area, warding off visitors. You can attack these structures using an axe or any item in your inventory, and rope has a good chance of falling on the ground. You’ll want to carefully visit these camps to grab their rope and leave before the cannibals return.

Can you make rope in Sons of the Forest?

Given our experience playing Sons of the Forest, we don’t believe you can make rope. This was true in the first game and is likely true in this current installment. The best way to find rope is to visit the many enemy camps throughout the island and raid their tents and structures.