What does the mask do in Sons of the Forest?

The ultimate disguise.

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After spawning in Sons of the Forest, your goal is to add every important item to your inventory. While some of you might have gotten yourself a mask in the game, a lot of players don’t currently know about what to do with it. To help you out, we are going to let you know what the mask does in Sons of the Forest.

What is the mask used for in Sons of the Forest?

In the original game, The Forest, you could use mud to blend in with the cannibals. The mask in Sons of the Forest works in a similar way — by putting it on, you can hide your identity from the cannibals and walk around them with ease. While it is not recommended to stay inside their camps for long while wearing the mask, it will help you sneak past them as they won’t try to hurt you.

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How to create a mask in Sons of the Forest

If you don’t already know, there is a 3D Printer in Sons of the Forest which can help you create multiple items, including the Flask. It uses Resin to create the items, so you shouldn’t waste it on the stuff you don’t need. To find the 3D Printer, you need to make your way to a green pulse icon on the map. Upon reaching the location, you must enter the cave and go forward until you reach a room. The 3D Printer is inside this room, and you can use it to print the Red Mask.

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Once done, you need to open your inventory and select the mask. Then, you can hold left-click to wear it and wander around the forest. To remove it from your face, you just need to let go of the button. But it is important to note that you shouldn’t get extremely close to the cannibals even when wearing the mask. They might get suspicious and attack you. Therefore, you should only trust the mask to sneak past cannibals who are patrolling. But even then, don’t let your guard down.