How to find the Action Figure at Striders’ Gate in Destiny 2

An action figure hidden in Striders’ Gate.


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There are action figures hidden all over Neomuna in Destiny 2, and collecting them all is required if you’re looking to complete the They’re Not Dolls triumph. Unfortunately, tracking them down is a challenge, and you’re only left attempting to piece together a small clue about what you need to do. Here’s what you need to know about how to find the Action Figure at Striders’ Gate in Destiny 2.

Where to find the Striders’ Gate action figure in Destiny 2

Striders’ Gate is the primary area you can find on the northern part of the map on Neomuna, above all of the major locations. It’s the starting location you typically spawn when you want to arrive on the planet, so it’s likely the first stop for many players. The clue associated with this action figure is, “Shall we play a game? A target gallery awaits; your time in lights.”

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The action figure is much closer than you might think. You can find it inside the same house where you’ve been collecting the Action Figures.

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You need to approach a green arcade machine and interact with it.

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You’ll be teleported outside, and a handful of nodes will float in the area that dictates how long you have to complete the round. Your goal is to shoot the red canisters that appear in the area before time runs out. You will need to shoot these canisters to complete each round, and you have to do it before the nodes reach zero.

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After you complete the activity, the action figure will be yours to earn and return to the room.