How to find the Action Figure in Esi Terminal in Destiny 2

Who’s ready to work the dishwasher?

Image via Bungie

There are multiple action figures scattered throughout Neomuna in Destiny 2. These are the world’s collectible items you can find, and there’s one hiding away in Esi Terminal. Unfortunately, you don’t have too many clues to track it down, so finding it might be a bit challenging. Here’s what you need to know about how to find the action figure in Esi Terminal in Destiny 2.

Where is the Esi Terminal Action Figure in Destiny 2?

The only clue regarding the Esi Terminal action figure location is that it’s inside a restaurant with a striking crimson hallway, and they’re looking to hire a dishwasher. This doesn’t give you too much to go on, but you know you need to head to the Esi Terminal area, west of Zephyr Concourse, and track down the restaurant.

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When you arrive at the Esi Terminal, take a left and then go down the right hallway. Don’t go too far. Instead, where the Cabal are gathered outside, head left, and you’ll enter a small restaurant. Approach the sink on the right side of the room, and interact with it.

Screenshot by Gamepur

This will begin the challenge for the action figure. You need to acquire the multiple Cherry nodes on the ground and bring them to the sink at the back. A handful of enemy Cabal will be chasing after you, attempting to take you down. They’re melee, so they can hit pretty hard, but they hefty amount of health. You’re better off focusing on grabbing the nodes, bringing them to the sink, and completing the challenge.

Once all the nodes are in place, the action figure will appear on the sink you were dunking the orbs.

Screenshot by Gamepur