How to find the Artisan’s Mettle vendor in World of Warcraft: Dragonflight

Turn that work into something tangible.

The expansion to World of Warcraft, Dragonflight, has offered a long overdue expansion to how crafting works within the popular MMO. With weekly quests, in-depth skill trees, and a surprising number of recipes to dig into, dedicated crafters have a heft of content to work through with World of Warcraft: Dragonflight. As players progress through these quests, they’ll begin picking up a new resource called Artisan’s Mettle, a type of currency and reagent that can be used at a specific vendor. Here’s where to find them.

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Where to find the Artisan Mettle vendor

The Artisan Mettle vendor is named Rabul, and he’s the Quartermaster of the Artisan’s Consortium as a whole. This vendor is in the southwest area of Valdrakken, the primary city of the expansion taking place in the Dragon Isles. Rabul’s coordinates within the city are 35.39, 59.10.

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Rabul offers a slew of items to purchase with Artisan’s Mettle, many of which will unlock new crafting recipes. These crafting recipes need a higher crafting level to create, typically around level 50 in the chosen discipline, but other offers are also available. Study resources, such as Dusty Notes, can help increase your knowledge in various disciplines, and crafting resources can increase the difficulty of a craft in order to increase its value.

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How to get Artisan’s Mettle

Receiving Artisan’s Mettle can come from multiple sources. Earning Knowledge Points grants Artisan’s Mettle, along with first-time crafts of recipes. Weekly quests offered by your profession, typically found in the three NPCs standing near Rabul, also grant a quick source of the material. Finally, a slew of crafting-focused treasures are hidden across the Dragon Isles, and each one can offer Knowledge Points, which in turn become Artisan’s Mettle.

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