Dragonflight Mining Guide – All new mining specializations in World of Warcraft: Dragonflight

If you don’t mine, does it matter?


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The Dragon Isles appear from times thought lost in World of Warcraft: Dragonflight, and with a new continent to explore comes a massive slew of updates for all walks of Warcraft life. Whether you’re a Mythic dungeon delver or prefer the quieter life of professions, it seems as though Dragonflight comes and shakes everything that players once knew. The Mining profession has received new specializations, stretching the task beyond rote clicking on ore — here are the new specializations.

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Mining and Knowledge Points in Dragonflight

With Dragonflight comes a new talent tree for mining, and this offers new abilities to miners. Whether you’re searching for an increased yield or a faster harvest, players can now opt for Specializations as they gain experience in mining along with Knowledge Points and Artisan’s Mettle. Players should note that there are currently no means of resetting profession knowledge, so learning about the various present options is crucial before selecting a Specialization.

New Mining specializations in Dragonflight

These specializations are the ones that have arrived with the Dragonflight expansion. Note that specializations offer traits, which in turn bring additional Mining buffs.

  • Deftness — Mining speed increase, 3 points give an additional 1%.
  • Finesse — Increases ore extracted, 10 points give an additional 1%.
  • Perception — Greater chance of rare ores, 10 points give an additional 1%.

Mining Process

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A focus on proper mining techniques, once maxed out, this branch allows miners to strike ore while mounted. This boon means that this is the first Specialization that should be maxed out by all miners. A necessary pick for those looking to harvest as much ore as possible to corner an Auction House or supplement income. Increases all traits and also has three sub-specializations:

  • Sorting — Increases skill and finesse.
  • Surveying — Increases perception, and offers a chance to find Illimited Diamonds.
  • Industrialization — Increases deftness with increased gem find chance.


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Gives miners an opportunity to refine Serevite, Draconium, and Khaz’gorite ores to increase the quality. It also offers a chance on Khaz’gorite refining to gain Awakened Orders. This is a strong bonus for miners, as it effectively can nix poor rolls on harvests to increase both subsequent crafting and ore prices. This spec offers two additional sub specializations:

  • Serevite — Increases all traits while allowing Serevite to be refined an additional level to 3.
  • Draconium — Increases all traits while allowing Draconium to be refined one additional level, while also offering a chance to mine Rousing Essence per node.

Mastering the Elements

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Mastering the Elements allows players to farm Rousing Essences of all elemental types, depending on the elemental node found and mined. Each point within this specialization offers a +1 mining skill. This spec offers four sub-specializations:

  • Molten — Decreases incoming damage from Molten deposits by 25%.
  • Hardened — +25 deftness while mining Hardened deposits, countering the standard Hardened effect.
  • Titan Touched — create a return portal after overloading a Titan-Touched node.
  • Primal — Primal deposits have a chance to roll Rousing Air and Frost.