How to find the Immortal Hope Sword Kit in Ghost of Tsushima

Get yourself a beautiful new Sword Kit.


Screenshot by Gamepur

Just like Tsushima, Iki Island is dotted with Sword Kits for you to find. This guide covers how to find the Immortal Hope Sword Kit, a beautiful wooden set with the scent of wisteria and a pink fabric draped over it.

How to find the Immortal Hope Sword Kit

This Sword Kit is quietly tucked away behind a Mongol stronghold on Iki Island. You won’t know it’s there at first, but there’s a Pillar of Honor that it’s sitting on, which is the place that you’ll probably be heading to when you first stumble upon its location. The Pillar of Honor is on Sentinel’s Peak and directly north of Wanderer’s Bluff. See below for a map reference for this location.

Screenshot by Gamepur

The nearby Mongol Stronghold seems like it’s directly blocking access to this location. However, you’re able to ride around it and avoid getting into a fight if you really don’t want to. We attempted and failed to clear the stronghold a few times. It has multiple Shamans throughout the area, and the buffs they provide to enemies when you’re see proved to be too much for us to contend with at our skill level.

However, you can climb a cliff wall at the back of this stronghold that leads to the Pillar of Honor, where this Sword Kit is located. It’s also a great vantage point from which you can kill several Mongols while they run around in fear, never knowing where you are.