How to find the Map for Limgrave East in Elden Ring

Beware the wildlife.

Image via FromSoftware

The map in Elden Ring starts completely black, and you’ll have to fill it out by finding map fragments throughout the world. These map fragments are hidden all over the region, and they can be in any area within a darkened patch of the map. For those attempting to explore to the east of Limgrave, you have your work cut out for you to find this map. In this guide, we share how to find the Map for Limgrave East in Elden Ring.

You’ll need to go to the center of Limgrave East to find it. A large tree at the center of this region serves as a good marker. Make your way here, and you’ll be on the correct path to finding the map fragment. Although, you can also use the path next to the Mistwood Outskirts site of grace and go east and then south to find it. Here is the exact location pictured below.

Screenshot by Gamepur

However, you will want to be careful when roaming around this region. Two large bears guard this area that might find you when attempting to grab this map fragment. We recommend using stealth as much as possible or riding your horse to lure them away so you can return later to grab the fragment. Once you have it, the entire region of Limgrave East will reveal itself to you.

Screenshot by Gamepur