How to find the P.T. easter egg in Watch Dogs: Legion Bloodline

A tasteful reference to the Silent Hills that never was.


Image via Kojima Productions

It may surprise you to learn that the first major expansion for Watch Dogs: Legion contains an easter egg that’s an extremely direct reference to the canceled Silent Hills title, better known as P.T. This article explains how you can find this easter egg for yourself in the prequel adventure to the latest Watch Dogs title. Mild spoilers lay ahead.

Bury your dead

To find this easter egg, you’ll need to progress the story until you reach a mission called ‘Bury Your Dead.’ Watch Dogs: Legion Bloodline revolves around a piece of technology called the BrocaBridge. It allows humans to control machines with their minds directly. So naturally, the story of Bloodline leads to the inevitable, one human diving into the mind of another. That’s where this P.T. easter egg appears.

During this mission, Aiden Pearce’s nephew, Jackson, dives into his mind. It’s in this exploration of Aiden’s mind that players find a creepy hallway that resembles the one you endlessly explored in P.T.. It’s complete with pictures of eyes all over the walls, candles, a voice trying to speak to you through the static, and even an out of view balcony where List herself might be hiding.

The hallway is part of a haunted mansion that represents Aiden’s inability to deal with the death of his family. The hallway players walk through in Bloodline repeats itself, much like how Aiden continues to relive the trauma of being responsible for the deaths of those he loved most.

Don’t expect this reference to hold any information about Bloober Team’s Silent Hill title. While it’s a fantastic reference for fans of the franchise, this is very much an easter egg and has nothing to do with the development of Konami’s IP.