How to find the The Stonecutter Sword Kit in Ghost of Tsushima

The rock climber’s Sword Kit.


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Iki Island adds a few new Sword Kits for players to find and collect in their time with Ghost of Tsushima’s expansion. This guide covers how you find one of those new Sword Kits: The Stonecutter and includes some advice about how best to procure it.

How to find The Stonecutter Sword Kit

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You’ll find The Stonecutter Sword Kit to the left of Zasho River, almost directly in the center of Iki Island. As with Nekoma’s Fang, this Sword Kit is located on a Pillar of Honour. You won’t need to play the flute to a monkey to collect it, but you will have to dodge a sizeable Mongol Stronghold.

The Eagle’s army has taken the nearby market, and as you ride to this location, you’ll almost certainly be seen. Unfortunately, this side of the Zasho River is Mongol-infested, so you need to approach the Pillar of Honour from below. As long as you do this, you should encounter a yellow bird that will guide Jin on foot the rest of the way.

The Pillar of Honour is at the top of a hill. On one side is a load of rocks that obscure the river from view, and the river itself is on the other side. You can see some white deer and a small dock in the distance. Once you’ve collected the Sword Kit, you could free the market if you’re feeling strong. Otherwise, skirt a path around it and continue your adventure.

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