How to find the Nekoma’s Fang Sword Kit in Ghost of Tsushima

White as Tiger’s teeth.


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Iki Island is home to a couple of new Sword Kits for you to find in your extended time with Ghost of Tsushima. In this guide, we’re going to cover how you find possibly the most beautiful of all of those Sword Kits: Nekoma’s Fang.

How to find the Nekoma’s Fang Sword Kit

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Nekoma’s Fang is an easy Sword Kit to pick up. Unlike Immortal Hope, it’s not positioned right next to a Mongol stronghold. However, it is right out at the edge of the map, somewhere you may never explore because it doesn’t look like you can get there unless you check your map. To find it, you’ll need to swim out to Saru Island. This is the island to the south of Iki Island, off on its own.

If you’re after this Sword Kit and haven’t progressed that far through the story, the easiest way to get to it is to swim out to Saru’s Island. Ride to the southern shore and swim Jin out. This can take a while, so put an audiobook or podcast on to keep you entertained.

Once you arrive, there’s a man next to a fire who has an interesting piece of dialogue that unlocks a Bamboo Strike location. If you’re not interested in that, though, make your way to the highest point on the island. At the top, there’s a Pillar of Honour and a monkey. You must play the flute to the monkey to get it to move away from the Sword Kit. Once you’ve completed this activity, you’ll be able to claim Nekoma’s Fang.

Screenshot by Gamepur