How to find the Thrilladrome Lost Sector in Destiny 2

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The Thrilladrome Lost Sector is a new location in Neptune’s major city, Neomuna. There are three you can find on this planet, and they’re not straightforward on you find them. The Thrilladrome is particularly tricky to track down, and it features a fun arcade for you to explore, but it’s an arcade full of Vex. Here’s what you need to know about how to find the Thrilladrome Lost Sector in Destiny 2.

Where to find the Thrilladrome Lost Sector in Destiny 2

The Thrilladrome Lost Sector is on the far south side of Neomuna. You can find it in the Límíng Harbor area. You must go through the Zephry Concourse, head to the east, through Ahimsa Park, and then directly south to reach this destination. When you reach the area, the Lost Sector will be in the north part of the Límíng Harbor, and you can find it inside a building tucked away.

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When you reach the destination, the traditional entrance will be blocked by a large grate. The only way to get inside this Lost Sector is through the top area. You’ll need to jump on the pillars inside the pillar to reach the next level and then look for a vent on the right side. You should be able to shoot this vent and enter the building. It’s a relatively straight path forward, and you’ll eventually make it inside the Thrilladrome Lost Sector, with multiple Vex waiting to greet you inside the lively arcade.

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You can visit this location any time you’re in Neomuna. You will need the Lightfall expansion to explore this area, and you want to loot unique and rare gear from inside it.