How to find the Hydroponics Delta Lost Sector in Destiny 2

Another Lost Sector to find in Neomuna.

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The Hydroponics Delta Lost Sector is an area you can find while playing Destiny 2. You’ll need to reach this area while exploring Neomuna, and you can find it while progressing through the area. You may need to go out of your way to find this location if you’re keen to unlock the Legend rewards for completing this Lost Sector by yourself. Finding this location is a little tricky. Here’s what you need to know about how to find the Hydroponics Delta Lost Sector in Destiny 2.

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Where to find the Hydroponics Delta Lost Sector in Destiny 2

You can find this Lost Sector while playing on Neomuna, which is a part of the Lightfall expansion. If you do not have the Lightfall expansion, you cannot visit this location while playing Destiny 2. You must go to the Zephyr Concourse, which is directly south of the Striders’ Gate. This is one of the many locations in the game you can explore, and we recommend going out of your way to finding this location at least once while playing through Lightfall.

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You’ll need to drive directly south of the Striders’ Gate and proceed into the Zephyr Concourse. This will lead you to a landing pad, and the next location to find the entrance to this Lost Sector is a little tricky. You need to look across from the landing pad, and you should see a door. This door will have a faint green light, indicating you can enter it. You’ll need to progress through this area, and as you go deeper into the area, the Hydroponics Delta notification will appear, showing you’ve entered the Lost Sector.

Screenshot by Gamepur

You can repeat this location to earn valuable rewards while playing Destiny 2, and this might be the daily Lost Sector you can complete to earn legendary and exotic gear.